Our company is one of the leading active companies in the field of reconstruction and oil services in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. It was established on (2004) The company started its activities by focusing on general contracting work and respectively in all kinds of building homes, health centers, stadiums sports and schools with the latest construction methods and techniques, which rely on the accuracy and quality, durability and modernity in design and construction in addition to the civil works of the D water systems and the creation of sewage and other business and government projects therewith all works are fulfilled by hands of foreign experts and specialists, technicians, engineers and workers who are competent and experienced in these areas. As well as the company is one of the few companies in the Kurdistan region that is taking place on the classification of the first class in the field of contracting by the Presidency of the Kurdistan Regional Government / Ministry of Planning. Our company progressed its activities year by year by following contemporary developments. Now our company has multi activities which are consisting: Oil Service, Trade and Transportation of Oil Productions by growing its capacities. However our company here we would like to say “Thanks to the achievements of the company’s great achievements during the short period of time to be one of the companies that have a long term plans in the reconstruction process in Iraq in general and in the Kurdistan in special.